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Vintage Builders and Developers come from a lineage of the family business in the areas of real estate, plantations, and coir. As the offspring of such a rich heritage built by three generations, the founder of Vintage has strong roots and upbringing in construction and the inspiration to keep this family tradition alive.
With over 15 years of experience and expertise, Vintage provides you with seasoned staff with a knowledge base in building and development. Utilizing the latest and best products and materials, our construction evokes an American/European standard. There is no compromise on the end results as we are dedicated to our clients and provide the best living space to meet everyone’s lifestyle.
Vintage Builders and Developers seeks and develops uniquely beautiful areas that provide residents with the solitude of a residential area, with the conveniences of a city.
With projects extending from Chennai to Trivandrum, Vintage is rapidly growing throughout South India.

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